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DesignPax: Products & Services

For web marketing design, one valid option is DesignPax. The company creates customized banner ads and other site details within a fast time of 48 hours. The services are geared toward marketing managers, owners of small businesses, affiliate marketers, and eBay merchants. 

Customized products that DesignPax offers are:

The creative, composed of these above elements, is delivered within 48 hours to the customer. Up to three revisions can be made without charge.

DesignPax: Company Background

The company is based in New York, New York, USA. DesignPax was co-founded in 2009 by Ayal Ebert and Guy Falkovitch. Ayal Ebert is the CEO, while Guy Falkovitch is the COO.

As Ayal Ebert explains, "DesignPax is a self serve platform for designing Facebook fan pages, logos, banners etc” (as per

DesignPax: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There only a few online customer reviews for DesignPax. While the company has profiles on CrunchBase and AngelList, there are few actual reviews outside of the testimonials on the company website.

Website Template Reviews does review the website and its services. Here are a few snippets from the review:

"...Please note that DesignPax offers many add-on services that you must pay additional fees for.  For example, installation of various services such as WordPress themes and Facebook page installation will cost you extra.  Read the order form carefully and be sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

I don’t blame DesignPax for charging extra for these services because they are time-consuming.  However, you may expect installation as part of the design process when it isn’t (I know I would have a few years ago)...

DesignPax Pros:

  • Their WordPress website and non-WordPress website design are excellent.
  • Their landing pages and Facebook pages are excellent.
  • Their banner ads are excellent.
  • Fast turn-around..."

At the DesignPax site, here are examples of listed customer reviews, which are all positive:

  • "Thank you for treating me well and doing great work. Please keep up the good work, we need more businesses like you."
    • Neal Webster, Founder Lions Futures (DesignPax)
  • "You guys are awesome! I love the ads you have created! My clients have been thrilled with your designs! THANK YOU!!"
DesignPax: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The Better Business Bureau has a profile for under the heading Pointbanner Inc. The BBB gives the company a rating of A- on a scale of A+-F.

DesignPax is used by many high-quality, popular companies. Examples are:

  • Google 
  • Matomy
  • AdRoll
  • unbounce
  • iBuyOfficeSupply

The design marketing company has also received a large amount of positive media attention. Marketing Pilgrim writes:

  • "It’s every marketer’s dream – a free service that allows companies to reach millions of current and potential clients with a few clicks of the mouse. With nearly 600 million people using the popular social media site and the average user connected to 80 pages, companies are looking to design and improve the overall brand experience."

DesignPax was awarded the best web design tool by Web Hosting Search.

DesignPax: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Numbers for the DesignPax website collected at Alexa and Compete show that popularity for the site is lower than last year.

At Alexa, has a Global Traffic Rank of 66,007 over a three-month period. The US Rank is 38,622. The estimated percentage of global internet users who visit the company site is down 18.96% from the start of the three months.

The Google PageRank Checker ranks at 4 out of 10. The Compete profile of the business shows that only 505 unique visitors based in the US visited the website in July 2012. That number is down 91.35% from last year. The site rank (By UVS) is 1,899,794, which is also a lower number than last year.

DesignPax: Social Media Presence

DesignPax does have profiles on social media networks. While there is a widget titled 'blog' on the company site, the link leads to a blank page that reads "Error establishing a database connection."

On Facebook, DesignPax has 480 Likes and posts regularly to its fan page. There are posts as well from page followers. The Twitter profile for @DesignPax shows 394 followers. The company tweets roughly once a week, which is a relatively low amount of communication, compared to some online competitors.

There is no Google+ page. 

DesignPax: Website Security & Safety

The Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page for indicates that the site is a secure one for its customers.

The Google page does not currently list the website as being suspicious. Google tested 7 pages on the site over the 90 day period and no pages resulted in the download of malicious software without user consent. The site has not hosted malicious software over the the last 90 days.

DesignPax: Pricing & Packages

Examples of current prices are:

  • Logos
    • Basic Package - $89 USD (1 Logo Concept)
    • Bronze - $159 USD (3 Logo Concepts)
    • Silver - $199 USD (5 Logo Concepts)
    • Gold - $339 USD (10 Logo Concepts)

The company's products and services are designed to save individuals and small businesses money on production.'s review of DesignPax cites the prices as being affordable and writes:

  • "The prices that DesignPax offers are low and the customers definitely get attracted towards quality designs at low rates."
DesignPax: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping for DesignPax does not exist in the traditional sense of sending a box to a specific address.

The company sends its completed creative within the 48 hour period to the customer by way of email. If the customer likes the creative that is attached to the email then he or she can download it; if not, the client at this point enters any modifications to be done into the revisions box. 

DesignPax: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment for the personalized designs through the website is only available by credit cards. DesignPax accepts all major credit cards. 

The company falls short in this area of the review as other online competitors offer its customers alternative payment methods. Alternative payment options offered by other businesses are PayPal, debit cards, checks, and money orders.

DesignPax would rate higher in this section of the review if there are more ways for customers to pay for the personalized products.

DesignPax: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The only information the writer could find about returns exists in the fine print of the Terms of Use policy for DesignPax. Under the Warranties sub-header, is the line:

  • "The Website Owner makes no warranties, representations, statements or guarantees (whether express, implied in law or residual) regarding the website, the information contained on the website, your or your company's personal information or material and information transmitted over our system."

The Terms of Use policy also explains that DesignPax is not responsible for any loss, liability, or damage suffered by the customer or any third party as a result of/attributable to access and use of the website. Please read the entire policy to fully understand the terms.

DesignPax: Product images & screenshots
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Great review! I think i will reccomend this company to the franchise owner that i am writing for right now!

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Great review, Christy.

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